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    Buy Giant Binoculars Online

    At Strathspey we believe passionately in two things, quality and value. If you've always wanted a really good pair of binoculars but haven't been sure what to buy you've come to the right place.

    It's possible to spend a great deal on giant binoculars whose levels of design and manufacture compare poorly to our own. Equally one can buy cheaper alternatives, but these are made to much lower standards and are noticeably inferior. We combine traditional standards of Highland quality and attention to detail with what we think is a very fair price. We hope will you enjoy your purchase here for many years and derive a great deal of pleasure from using them.

    Giant binoculars are considered an important tool with astronomers and are also known as observation binoculars. Typically used for long range terrestrial observations and tend to be more comfortable to use over prolonged periods of time than a telescope.

    When our giant binoculars were group tested and compared with some other well-known brands, the Strathspey 10x50 Marines wins BBC Sky at Night's 10x50 group test! 10x50 Waterproof come third against binoculars over double the price!

    You will not find any alternative brands that will beat our quality at the same price. It's the perfect gift for anyone looking to take up long-range viewing and they can be used for a whole range of different activities such as bird watching.

    At strathspey we also specialise in more compact range that you can fit in your pocket! Same quality and made from durable materials, perfect for the outdoors.

    We have a fantastic range of specialist marine and waterproof binoculars that not only have watertight seals but are nitrogen filled to avoid condensation. These type of binoculars are shock proof to 20g and are to military spec.

      John G.Burns B.Eng, Director.

    NEWS: Strathspey 10x50 Marines win BBC Sky at Night's 10x50 group test! 10x50 Waterproof come third against binoculars over double the price.

    If you are new to the world of binoculars please see our guide pages to select the most appropriate pair. Should require any further guidance please email us, we'll be happy to help!