Another *nix Developer/Ops into BMW/Ricardo Two wheel is my preference

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Another *nix Developer/Ops into BMW/Ricardo Two wheel is my preference

Postby Muniix » Sun Feb 12, 2017 8:19 am

Hi, Being a motorcycle rider of both BMW and Ducati bikes, with engineering in my blood from birth, then found I was good at software and trouble shooting, designing complex systems, the only holidays I took for a decade where in Hospital!. Having had a succession of motorcycles. What is very interesting of late and being from Australia their is an interesting development for motorcycle steering and suspension developed by one of the 3D animators of Max max 4 who owns a BMW motorcycle with the funny front end, he has developed the ultimate steering and suspension system called the MotoInno TS3. This bike can execute a corner in one second less that a Suzuki GSX750r. It can be checked out at it uses hub centre steering and a double arm suspension, so the bike doesn't need a steering head.

I've always had in the back of my mind some ideas in developing a motorcycle engine, just needed to see some innovation to internal combustion engines that showed that Superbikes don't need to gobble over 1000 hp of air and fuel to get 180 to the rear wheel, it is truely insane when one thinks about it from an engineering point of view. I've always used simulation to identify expected performance to test against and check vendors claims, with my experience in performance tuning, I worked on the first 1,000 user Unix/Oracle system from '89-92 when the largest system Oracle could show was 80 users! and that was the organisation I was now contracting at, we did it and it is still in use today, some 25 years on, the cheapest IT system the state has operated.The boxes have been upgraded, with new boxes that do exactly the same thing, even the ones I spec'd in the Motor Registries, the new ones are burning a heap more power than the ones I put in in '92 being diskless PC's network booted off a registry processor/sco unix box, this system handled licensing and registration for New South Wales, Oz..

Now the current generation of F1 engines notibly the Mercedes/Ilmore engine is kicking some but with an Australian innovation, turbulent jet ignition by Bill Attard, it's thermodynamic efficiency is 49%. One could use that and real engine management, based on physics models, get rid of those silly fuel maps and let gpu shader compute cores run some simplified physics models, since they are good at Partial Differential equations, just don't tell anyone. The auto industry is anti innovation anyway, the Bishop Rotary valve was banned from F1 in 2004 "As a Matter of Urgency" to "Avoid competition". The industry only innovates if regulations force them to. The motorcycle industry is even worse, with motorcycles only 1% of total vehicle distance travelled, yet they are responsible for 10% of emissions.

Rant over.

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Re: Another *nix Developer/Ops into BMW/Ricardo Two wheel is my preference

Postby unixnerd » Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:51 pm

Welcome to the boars. I helped developed an HP unix system for underwater inspection data processing, at the time everyone said it was too expensive. Lasted 24 years and only just got discontinued! Not really replaced by anything useful either.

Welcome to the board :-) Progress isn't always progress with both BMWs and computer systems!
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